New Canadian and UK Records at MyHeritage

Now back from vacation, I’ve some catching up to do, starting with MyHeritage.

1931 Census of Canada

As with the US 1950 census, MyHeritage wasn’t the first with a name indexed version, but isn’t that far behind and is ahead of Library and Archives Canada.
You can search the MyHeritage version by name, place and year of birth, census place, and optionally add the same information for other family members in the household, and gender. There are links to the original images at LAC. Several fields remain to be digitized.
A quick test on the surname Northwood found all the people I expected.

United Kingdom, Deceased Estates Notices

This collection of 737,924 UK deceased estate notice records runs from the year 1998 onwards. Records typically include the name of the deceased, place of residence, date of death and the date that the notice was published in the London Gazette.
Find the same information for free at

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