Military Monday: No Remembrance

Did you guess the person’s name for yesterday’s 1931 census challenge? George R. Pearkes was awarded the Victoria Cross in the First World War and was Minister of National Defence in the Diefenbaker government.

I’ve been investigating the reason why members of the Forces who died in suppressing the 1885 North West Rebellion (or Resistance) are not commemorated in the Books of Rememberance, and the Canadian Virtual War Memorial.

They might have been.

On 3 September 1957 the Minister of Veterans Affairs, A. J. Brooks, proposed two Books of Remembrance be added to those for the two World Wars. One was proposed to be for the Nile Expedition (1884-85), The North West Rebellion 1885, and the South African War (1899 – 1902), the other proposed was for United Nations Operations – Korea.
In making his recommendations Brooks added —

The record of the Cabinet meeting in which the matter was considered records —

Pearkes view prevailed.


The Books of Remembrance now include one for the RCMP which does include the names of those who died in 1885.

We have the anomolous situation where those who died in a NWMP uniform while suppressing the rebellion are commemorated, but those who died serving in a military force uniform are not.


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