MyHeritage adds British Armed Forces Soldiers’ Wills

This collection contains 251,239 index records of wills of some of the soldiers who died while serving in the British armed forces between the years 1865 and 1970. Records typically include the name of the deceased, regiment number, date of death and probate number.

As there were over one million UK service deaths in the two world wars, a person of interest may well be missing.

MyHeritage collected these index records from those available in the Probate Office where the collection starts in 1850 and ends in 1986. An advantage of MyHeritage is you do not need to specify the year of death.

2 Replies to “MyHeritage adds British Armed Forces Soldiers’ Wills”

  1. Thank you John.
    I will check out my grandfather Francis Graham to see if he had one and my cousin Arthur Gunne as they both died in the First War.

  2. These can also be found and ordered on the UK’s Find a Soldier’s will site and the index result is free, though the will/probate package is still £10, rather than the £1.50 we pay for other wills…

    Several years ago I ordered my great-uncle’s will and it was so poignant…he and his wife had only been married a few weeks when he shipped out – he left everything to her.

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