WDYTYA Magazine November 2023

I’ve been forgetting about British genealogy magazines lately. There’s some catching up to do, starting with WDYTYA Magazine for November.

Two of the issue’s three feature articles are written by women, and two are about female ancestors.

Tracing Female Lines
Laura Berry, researcher for the Who Do You Think You Are? TV program, describes the techniques used in discovering the stories of the women in celebrities’ family trees.

Parish Heros
Chloe O’Shea explains the history of Online Parish Clerks projects, some thriving, some moribund, and highlights some of the more successful.

New Women
Jad Adams explores the lives of our female ancestors who broke down barriers at the end of the 19th century. The major impetus he attribites to the Elementary Education Act of 1870.

In other articles:

Focus On
Else Churchill shares her advice for finding and using
the varied records left by guilds and livery companies.

Best Websites
Jonathan Scott picks the best online gems to help you
take your family back to the 17th century.

Phil Tomaselli explains how to use online Army Lists to
research the British Army officers in your family tree,

and much more include a section on resources for Cambridgshire, Huntingdonshire and the Isle of Ely.

3 Replies to “WDYTYA Magazine November 2023”

  1. I remember meeting Laura Berry at a WDYTYA? meeting in London, oh, long ago. I remember teasing her, sayingthat she had the best dimples in the UK. She was starting to leave FH to do a Master’s degree in architrectural history. Happy to see she’s back! Cheers, BT

  2. I only just received my September issue. Their delivery service is terrible; I’m going to have to switch to digital, which I find harder to read.

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