Lowest Prices of the Year

Black Friday offers continue to flood in. Here are two that look interesting. Just be sure you’re likely to get enough benefit.

AncestryDNA is offering their test for $69 CDN, plus taxes and shipping. The offer ends 28 November 2023 at 11:59 p.m. ET. 

AncestryDNA has more than 25 million tests in its database, so all else being equal, which they aren’t, you’re more likely to find a match there than at the other test sites. Leah Larken has a useful graph showing the number of people in the database of each of the testing companies.

It may be you’re ancestry is better represented in one of the other DNA company databases, I thinking particularly of MyHeritage. You can always copy your AncestryDNA results over to other site and get the advantages of both.

The Genealogist is offering an annual Diamond Package subscription before the 1 December for a discount of over £120, or 55%. The actual price is £98.95 (about $169 CND) with a guarantee the price will never increase. The Genealogist has some unique content, notably the Lloyd George Domesday Survey records.

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