A Full Index to Anglo-Celtic Roots

As of August, you can now search the titles and authors of all articles in Anglo-Celtic Roots, The British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa quarterly chronicle, from inception in 1995 to 2023.

Open the Index of Titles, a pdf, and search using “Ctrl+F” for a word in a title, an author’s name or the year or volume of the issue. The index is open to the public, as are the journals, except only BIFHSGO members can read those from recent years.

Here’s a word cloud compiled from the complete file. My regular Cream of the Crop column is evident. See all the others who have contributed with eight or more mentions over the years.

Thanks to hard-working BIFHSGO webmanager Sheila Dohoo Faure for compiling the index. It’s a good step along the road to a consolidated full-text searchable archive, the only way the gems therein will be readily revealed.

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  1. A big shout out to that amazing lady, Sheila Dohoo Faure. She is incredible to work with. One of BIFHSGO’s stars.

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