Selling Ancestry

Not THAT Ancestry!

Just published by the Oxford University Press, Selling Ancestry, by Stéphane Jettot, explores the emergence and development of commercial family directories, like Debrett’s and Burke’s, that provided genealogical information about the British elites, starting in the eighteenth century. It examines how they were created, published, and used by those who contributed to and shaped the historical narrative of Britain through their personal and political stories. If the history of genealogy and how it evolved and influenced the social and cultural changes in Britain during this period interests you put it on your reading list.

In hardcopy at 416 pages, with 16 black and white figures/illustrations. ISBN: 9780192865960 it’s listed at $130 US.

I found an ebook edition, still at over $110 US via Google with a generous preview.



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