Waiting for a file from LAC? ATIP Progress Report


On 27 December, Libary and Archives Canada published a progress report on activity toward improving access to information and privacy (ATIP).

Most requests by family historians relate to records of former Canadian Armed Forces members. Reported together with records of former federal public servants, 6,520 requests were completed in the three months to the end of November, that’s 55% of the number outstanding at the start of the period. The average file was 24 pages.

However, LAC had 10,554 overdue ATIP requests of all types remaining in its queue on 30 November 2023. That excludes requests made outside the ATIP process.

Annually, 13,000 requests are received.  How long can you now expect to wait? According to the report, the ATIP Team can now respond to 73% of new requests within legislated timeframes, generally 30 calendar days from receiving an official request.

You may not have to wait, if perchance your request had been previously dealt with. According to the report “Soon, the public will be able to access previously released ATI requests via LAC’s website rather than having to submit a dedicated request to the ATIP Team. These measures will help make LAC’s archival records available to a wider public in a more immediate way.” When will “soon” be?

If interested in the details, read the full report at https://library-archives.canada.ca/eng/corporate/transparency/reports-publications/atip-reports/atip-action-plan-progress/Pages/december-2023-update.aspx


4 Replies to “Waiting for a file from LAC? ATIP Progress Report”

  1. This all good news. In my own case, I have received 5 Second World War service files in the past two weeks from formal requests that I made in May and June of this year. I sense that the logjam has been broken and requested files will soon be on their way.

  2. Good news. When I requested information a couple of years ago it took about 15 months to get the information. I will try the new link when it is available. Thanks for the update.

  3. Just yesterday I received the WWII files of my uncle. I had waited 4 years, almost to the month. Insanely long in my opinion.

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