Using AI in Family History Research

If two presentations in one week are anything to judge by, AI will be a major for genealogy this year.

Nicely complementing Steve Little’s “Artificial Intelligence and Genealogy: New Beginnings in 2024” mentioned previously, available for free at Legacy Family Tree Webinars until Tuesday, is this presentation by Senior Genealogist Melanie McComb from American Ancestors.

Melanie looks in some detail at using AI to support your research—including assistance with summarizing, report writing, digitally restoring family photos, and more. She reinforces Steve Little in addressing aspects of AI that genealogists should be cautious of, such as accuracy and copyright concerns.

I paused the playback of this video to try Free Online OCR – Image to text and PDF to Doc converter at It worked well.

3 Replies to “Using AI in Family History Research”

  1. I wonder if the major database carriers like Ancestry will become searchable by AI algorithms with simplified specs.

    We must always remember that a tree is only as good to the degree it satisfies burdens of proof.

  2. Don’t think that I will ever use it. If I can’t control it, why would I wan to use anything other than good detective work on viewable original documents? Cheers anyways, BT

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