Criminals in Aberdeenshire?

Ancestry has added indexes with links to 32,051 records in the form of ledgers with printed column headings and handwritten entries.

A search returns name and sometimes trial date and trial place.  There are links to more complete transcriptions and to the original register image which may include the following information:

Trial date and city
Sentencing date and city
Year that crime was committed
City where crime was committed
Parents’ names
Spouse’s name.

The sources are the following original documents which may also be browsed.

Banchory Burgh: Extract Police Court Convictions, 1898-1911
Banchory Burgh: Police Court Register, 1893-1912, 1912-1922
Banff Burgh: Police Court Complaint By Joseph Walker and Related Court Papers, 1844-1845
Banff Burgh: Police CourtComplaints, 1850, 1863,
Banff Burgh: Police Court Conviction of Alexander Pirie, 1842
Banff Police Court Complaints and Convictions, 1841
Ellon Burgh: Police Court Register of Cases, 1895-1907, 1907-1922
Fraserburgh Police Court Book,
1881-1896, 1896-1904, 1904-1910, 1910-1915
Inverurie Burgh: Police Court Account of Fines Paid, 1868-1922
Oldmeldrum Burgh: Police Court Register of Crimes, 1894-1922
Oldmeldrum Burgh: Police Court Register of Fines Received, 1912-1922
Register of Criminal Proceedings in the Police Court of Peterhead, 1895-1909, 1909-1922
Rosehearty Burgh: Police Court Record of Proceedings, 1918-1922
Turriff Burgh: Police Court Papers, 1895-1922
Turriff Burgh: Register of CasesTried in the Police Court of Turriff, 1896-1917



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