WDYTYA Magazine: February 2024

A quick look at some of the the contents in the latest issue.

Workhouse records — Peter Higginbotham’s comprehensive guide to the
documents generated by the Poor Law.

Bigamy — Bigamy laws have changed over the centuries. Fairly constant, though, is the differing treatment of female and male bigamists. Rebecca Probert explains.

Tuberculosis  — Michelle Higgs investigates the development of special hospitals where one of the deadliest diseases of Victorian Britain were treated.

Travel and passenger lists —  Chloe O’Shea shares her expert advice for locating and using records left by people who travelled overseas — whether to start new lives or for work or leisure.

The Holocaust — Jonathan Scott reveals his go-to list, best websites for researching ancestors touched by the Holocaust.

Kent — Jonathan Scott digs into the archives in Kent with a complete guide to family history records in the county.

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