RootsTech Day 3 Recommendations: 2 March 2024

RootsTech offers 16 sessions classified as intermediate/
advanced/professional. Here’s my selection for Saturday, 2 March.

3:30 pm ET: From The Ashes: The 1922 Irish Public Record Office Fire

David Ryan
The destruction of the Public Records Office in June 1922 at the outset of the Irish Civil War has cast a long shadow over Irish genealogical research. Anyone who has sought their Irish ancestors has likely encountered frustration at the gaps in available records caused by this disaster. But how much do we really know about the events that caused the fire and were all our records really lost? This talk will explore the background to the Public Record Office fire and address some of the myths that have grown up around it. It will also examine how recent advances in conservation techniques and modern technology are allowing the recovery of some records previously believed lost.

5 pm ET: What’s in a name? DNA, surnames and one-name studies

Debbie Kennett
Surnames provide a fascinating insight into the past, and each surname has its own story to tell. In this talk you will get hints and tips on using techniques such as surname mapping to pinpoint the possible geographical origin of your surname and learn how DNA testing can help your surname research. The whole-surname approach can sometimes provide breakthroughs that would not be possible by restricting your research to your own family tree. A one-name study provides a unique opportunity for a family historian to become the worldwide expert on his or her chosen surname. Participants should have a good understanding of basic genealogical research before attending this session.

To put it another way: —

Irish flames, a tragic pyre,
Ryan seeks whispers from the fire.
Ashes hold truths, yet to unbind,
Record fragments, lost with time.

Surnames sing with whispered past,
Kennett unravels secrets fast.
Mapping tales, where bloodlines start,
DNA entwines forgotten art.

RootsTech’s lore, a guiding gleam,
From fiery loss, new branches teem.
Through names and fragments, spirits soar,
The past reborn, forevermore.

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In case you’re wondering, this verse, and the previous ones, are from Gemini.

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