Loyal They Remained

OGS Leeds & Grenville Branch hosts author Jean Rae Baxter at 7 pm tonight, Monday 4 March.

This presentation tells the story of the American War of Independence from a “Canadian” point of view. Covering the period from 1777 to the settlement of the Loyalist refugees in what is now Canada, it will examine the effect of the conflict on those who opposed the Revolution. It wasn’t just white colonists who became Loyalists! The native people, especially Iroquois (Haudenosaunee), and thousands of enslaved black people, earned their freedom through their service to the British military. All these became Loyalists, too.

More details and registration at leedsandgrenville.ogs.on.ca

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  1. A fascinating bit of Canada’s history. I have found that out by researching individuals who participated at the time. BT

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