BIFHSGO March Meeting

Live at Knox Presbyterian Church or online, BIFHSGO welcomes you on Saturday to its first hybrid monthly meeting of 2024.

9 am: Back to Basics: Civil Birth, Marriage, and Death Registrations, by Ken McKinlay.

Around the middle of the 19th century England and Wales, Ireland and Scotland all implemented their own government-mandated registrations for births, marriages and deaths. In this Back to Basics session we will look at the various online resources, free and otherwise, that can be used to find and explore these sorts of records.

10 am: So, who was Jack Hibbard’s wife? by Ann Burns

Ann Burns had researched her paternal grandmother Ethel Hibbard’s direct ancestors, but other than collecting a few facts about her siblings, had not studied them closely. Ann mostly ignored her French ancestors, as they had been well documented by others, and pursued her Irish lines. An impending visit from Robert, the grandson of Ethel’s sister Mildred, who wanted to know more about the family, started Ann working on a line of collateral research as well. Robert was more interested in Ethel and Mildred’s parents, grandparents, etc., but Ann also looked more closely at the sisters’ brother John, known in the family as Jack. And there she found a conflict in the information. That led to a situation offering a challenge she couldn’t resist. Who, exactly, had Jack Hibbard married?

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