Unlocking Government Secrets: The Open By Default Database

Courtesy of the Investigative Journalism Foundation, a  repository of more than 20,000 documents is now freely available to promote government transparency.

Open By Default surfaces internal government records released under federal access legislation.

Here’s what I found searching between 2011 and 2024.

Keyword Hits
genealogy 48
genealogical 41
Ontario Genealogical Society 4
Census 879
Library and Archives 1,653
War Brides 4
Home Children 14

These are not all what you’d expect. Hits for Home Children includes “… home. Children …”

Find the IJF release at https://theijf.org/the-ijf-launches-open-by-default/. Give it a try for a name or topic of interest.

There are numerous interesting articles from IJF at https://theijf.org/articles

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