Cheers to History! Guinness Records Offer Family Tree Insights

“Toucans in their Nests Agree
Guinness is Good for You and Me”

I seem to remember that slogan from many years ago in England.

Toucans’ opinions aside, if you had an ancestor involved with Guinness, the company, you’ll probably agree these records, new to Ancestry, are good for family historians.

Ireland, Guinness Trade Ledgers, 1860-1960
This collection contains images of trade ledgers produced by the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Ireland, and England between 1860 and 1960. The brewery’s sales and personnel records were kept in printed ledger books. Entries were often handwritten during the earlier years included in the collection, and as the years progressed, the ledger entries were typed.

Each of the 1,452,426 records may include:

Employment date
Business Place

Ireland, Guinness Employee Records, 1799-1939

This 204,605 record collection contains images of employee records from the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Ireland, between 1799 and 1939.

Records in this collection, with several different types of records, such as wage books, authorization logs, and next of kin records, may include the following information:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Birth date and place
  • Marriage date
  • Age at employment
  • Employment dates
  • Death date
  • Street address
  • Occupation
  • Location of employment
  • Spouse’s name, birth date, and age
  • Names, ages, and relationships of up to four relatives

Raise a glass (or just your curiosity!) in the run-up to St. Patrick’s Day and explore these records on Ancestry. What pint-sized piece of your own history might be waiting?

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