Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

St. Patrick’s Day: How Irish-born writers contributed to Canadian and Irish histories

A genetic perspective on the recent demographic history of Ireland and Britain

Ravenser Odd: the medieval city Yorkshire lost to the sea

Housing policies need to fully consider market dynamics to move beyond ‘tall and sprawl’ cities

Sitting is bad for your health and exercise doesn’t seem to offset the harmful effects

Everyone Archives
Kyla Ubbink is presenting at 6:30 pm on 26 March on archival presentation at Bethell Fieldhouse, 166 Frank St, Centretown, Ottawa. Everyone Archives, a new initiative in Ottawa, will offer workshops, resources, and social opportunities for people working on archiving projects outside of major institutions.

Thanks to this week’s contributors: Allen Grant, Ann Burns, Anonymous, Barbara May Di Mambro, Bob,  Brenda Turner, Dianne, Donna Jones, gail benjafield, Jean, Kenneth R Marks, Linda Stufflebean, Nancy, Nick McDonald, Sunday Thompson, Teresa, Unknown.



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