Scottish Indexes Conference

Coming this Saturday, 23 March 2024, the latest Scottish Indexes Conference. The presentations are:

‘Family History and the Clyde’ by Dr. Irene O’Brien, Archivist at Glasgow City Archives

‘Survival Sex, Poverty and Desperation: Prostitution in Aberdeen 1840-1870’ by Dr. Dee Hoole

‘Understanding Scottish Inheritance Records’ by genealogist Chris Paton

‘The John Gray Centre: East Lothian’s Heritage Hub’ by Dr. Hanita Ritchie

‘Making the most of Scottish High Court records’ by genealogist Emma Maxwell

‘Researching Hudson Bay Company Ancestors’ by Christine Woodcock

Scottish Genealogy Q&A hosted by Graham and Emma Maxwell

Each presentation is shown twice, in sessions starting at 7 am and 3 pm UK time, that’s 3 am and 11 am ET.

Find out more, and how to register at

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