British Newspaper Archive Update for March

The collection added to 89 newspapers in March, compared to 120 last month. That includes seven new titles: Country Life; Prisoners of War News; The Regiment; Gravesend Messenger; Kent County Examiner and Ashford Chronicle; Scarborough Evening News; Brighouse Echo.

The earliest date is 1850.

The collection now totals 75,449,460 pages, up from 74,399,999 in the February update. Just two papers had more than 10,000 pages added.

Now available for 1897-2009, Country Life, with 509,579 pages, is an outstanding addition.  it addresses the interests of the “civilised person in the old sense of the word, someone as much at home working in the garden as seeing an art exhibition, as fascinated by the nesting habits of birds as the restoration of a state bed, as concerned about pollution as much as who will win the Boat Race.” Also lots of ads for properties for sale.

The other major addition is the Scarborough Evening News,  1889, 1986-1997.


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