Eclipse Weather Forecast

It will be touch and go as to how good the weather conditions will be for eclipse viewing on Monday afternoon.

QUICK UPDATE: As of Sunday morning, forecasts are less optimistic for eclipse viewing. 

As of Saturday evening the Environment Canada forecast for Monday is: Niagara Falls – sun and clouds; Toronto and Belleville – cloudy; Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall, and Ottawa – a mix of sun and clouds; and Montreal – sunny.

The Weather Network is less optimistic.
“across eastern Ontario, with mostly cloudy skies with occasional sunny breaks. It’s not an ideal location to take in the eclipse if you’re looking for an unobstructed view of totality, but it’s still possible a break could emerge during that time.”

The US Weather Bureau forecast for Ogdensburg is mainly sunny.

Looking at the various forecast models the predictions are mixed. We’re looking at a warm front approaching heralded by a shield of cirrus cloud. Eclipse viewing will depend on how quickly the cloud arrives, Even if it’s cloudy expect the darkening to be impressive.

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