Military Monday

Tuesday, 9 April is the anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

The latest issue of the Gloucester Historical Society newsletter contains the first installment of a series about the soldiers whose names are inscribed on a scroll previously at Ottawa’s Billings Bridge Orange Lodge.

My eye was attracted to this memorial plaque.

19 year old Robert John Hyndman, born in Fitzroy Harbour, was killed on 11 January 1917, That’s several months before the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Canadian troops had been stationed, and were dying, in the vicinity of the ridge well before the battle.

A reminder that Saturday’s BIFHSGO monthly meeting will be addressed by leading Canadian military historian Tim Cook.  Catch him on Vimy: Exploring the Battle and the Legend. Attend in person if you can, or online via the link at

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  1. Would love to see it but will be gone all day to see my brother whom
    I put into a long care facility a month ago. It takes nearly 2 hours to drive there.

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