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It’s time for the 5th Annual 24-Hour Genealogy Webinar Marathon. Catch it at Free live attendance for each session is limited to 3,000. Myko Clelland on What’s New & Exciting in MyHeritage’s Historical Records is at 3 am! If that’s not for you, all recordings will be available free afterwards for a week. 

Time (EDT) Full Title Speaker
Thu, Apr 11, 5:00 PM Silent Storytellers: A Genealogist’s Guide to Cemetery Photography Judy G. Russell
Thu, Apr 11, 6:00 PM Clustering with MyHeritage Labels Michelle Leonard
Thu, Apr 11, 7:00 PM Tracing Your Royal Navy Ancestors and the Ships on which they served Paul Milner
Thu, Apr 11, 8:00 PM A primer on Austro-Hungarian geography Dave Obee
Thu, Apr 11, 9:00 PM Artificial Intelligence & Family History: An introduction Andrew Redfern
Thu, Apr 11, 10:00 PM The Picture Bride Era: The Gentlemen’s Agreement of 1907 between U.S. and Japan Linda Harms Okazaki
Thu, Apr 11, 11:00 PM Searching for Your Family in NYC? Resources and Techniques at MyHeritage and Beyond Mike Mansfield
Fri, Apr 12, 12:00 AM Why can’t I find it? Locating surnames in online databases Carol Baxter
Fri, Apr 12, 1:00 AM Exciting Discoveries – Organising Your Family History Fiona Brooker
Fri, Apr 12, 2:00 AM Common Challenges in Greek Genealogy Research Gregory Kontos
Fri, Apr 12, 3:00 AM What’s New & Exciting in MyHeritage’s Historical Records Myko Clelland
Fri, Apr 12, 4:00 AM My Top 5 Websites for Victorian research in Australia Shauna Hicks
Fri, Apr 12, 5:00 AM The Wilson Collection for New Zealand Researchers Michelle Patient
Fri, Apr 12, 6:00 AM How to successfully research at a German archive Andrea Bentschneider
Fri, Apr 12, 7:00 AM Scottish Genealogy – Are we a Clan or a Family? And can we have a Chief? Bruce Durie
Fri, Apr 12, 8:00 AM Moving, moving, moving! Migration Patterns within Germany Ursula C. Krause
Fri, Apr 12, 9:00 AM Can’t Find the Family Bible? 10 Places You May Not Have Looked Lisa Lisson
Fri, Apr 12, 10:00 AM Beginning Your Genealogy Journey: 8 Steps to Getting Started Cheri Hudson Passey
Fri, Apr 12, 11:00 AM Unlocking Birth Records: Exploring Birth Dates and Alternate Sources Lisa Lisson
Fri, Apr 12, 12:00 PM 6 Tips to Build a Family Tree for Busy People Tara Shymanski
Fri, Apr 12, 1:00 PM African American Research 101 – Reconstruction Era (Part 2 of 3) Ari Wilkins
Fri, Apr 12, 2:00 PM 10 Ways AI Can Help You Find Your Elusive Ancestors Lisa A. Alzo
Fri, Apr 12, 3:00 PM Using U.S. Church Records as a Brick Wall Strategy: Case Studies Sunny Morton
Fri, Apr 12, 4:00 PM What’s Your DNA Problem? Too Few Matches? Too Many? Diahan Southard

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