Steve Little, AI Program Director for the National Genealogical Society (US) who will be at the OGS Conference, posted a review on this new free facility from Open AI.

He terms it a “Game-Changer for Free AI Access, Possible Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) Advance.” “The most significant beneficiaries of this release are undoubtedly the free users. In a move that disrupts the status quo, OpenAI is rolling out features previously reserved for ChatGPT Plus subscribers.”

In the post on his AI Genealogy Insights blog he tabulates the number of errors in a handwritten probate record transcription. GPT-4o had 9 errors, compared to 17 for GPT-4 and 22 for FamilySearch.

However, on Facebook, Judy Russell recorded getting an entirely different transcription from GPT-4o– of an entirely different document — not the one uploaded. Discussion suggested the document might have been too long or the handwriting difficult. Beware!

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