LAC: Frozen in Time

395 Wellington Street, Ottawa. 30 May 2024

On Thursday I made my way to 395 Wellington, mainly to renew my user card.  I’d not visited for a couple of years, and LAC has hosted no events to attract me there.

The renewal went smoothly, thank you Sébastien, with no queuing needed. The facility had few clients that morning. I wandered lonely as a cloud, to borrow a phrase, but no daffodils, on the 2nd floor and was one of six I saw on the 3rd. Staff, helpful as ever, readily answered my questions, and left the consultation desk to help me find McKim’s Newspaper Directory tucked away on a low shelf.

Almost nothing had changed. There are some new microfilm readers replacing the steam-powered ones!

At the entrance, work was underway to install tactile paving at the top of the steps; thanks PWGSC.

With the new facility just a couple of years away it’s understandable there are no major investments going into 4905. If that were not the case I’d be advocating augmenting the sterile list of facilities and hours with the ability to take a virtual tour of the facility. That’s in the same way that real estate agents now allow virtual visits to properties for sale. They might even go one better and show where to find items on the shelf, like the McKim directories.

Perhaps they could do that for Ādisōke.

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    1. I’m told the basement and sub-basement(s) will continue to be used as LAC storage. Otherwise LAC will vacate the building

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