Findmypast Weekly Update

Additions and updates this week are:

Women’s Land Army Service Cards, 1939-1950
This update has 36,438 records, images, and transcriptions. Adding records for those who have passed 100 years since birth brings the total to 133,365 records. Over 200,000 women served.

Expect to find in the transcription

First name
Surname(s) – maiden or married
Age on entry
Date of birth
Occupation prior to entry
County where enrolled
Date officially enrolled
WLA membership number

Additional information to be found in the image may be

Reason for leaving (acceptable reasons included medical or compassionate grounds, marriage, pregnancy, transfer to another service, demobilization).
Date when officially leaving WLA (release).

Learn more about the work done by the WLA here.

Also released this week

Huguenot Society of Pennsylvania Application Papers (36,438 records).
New York Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms and Marriages (170,637 baptisms and 125,977 marriages).
Over 80 million newspaper pages.

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