Findmypast adds to UK Electoral Registers & Companies House Directors Collection

Another 2.9 million entries are added to this Findmypast collection. The total is now 121,650,867 entries making it the third-largest for the UK after England & Wales Births 1837-2006 with 133,086,915 records and England & Wales, Electoral Registers 1920-1932 with 125,544,782.

Provided by, the records include names, addresses, and other details of the UK electorate from 2002 up to the present day. Business directors are included.

These transcripts show:

Age guide – provides the age range of the individual
Electoral rolls
Occupancy (years)
Other occupants
Company director – If this field shows ‘Yes’ that indicates that the person is listed on the Companies House Directors register.

For the US, last Friday Findmypast also added Cincinnati Roman Catholic Parish Registers. Over 22,000 new baptisms covering records up to 1924, over 28,000 new marriages up to 1924 and over 19,000 new burials up to 1953

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