Findmypast adds 1939 Register Records

An additional 95,000+ records are now accessible in the FMP version of the 1939 Register for England and Wales. These are usually batches of records unredacted as people pass their 100th birthday or their death is reported.

Interestingly, if you search the database for people born in 1921 there are 8,464,807 results. That’s almost ten times the number with births registered that year! It’s equally large for prior years. The total appears to include about 8 million records with no name or date of birth.

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  1. It’s interesting – three of my mum’s siblings have died over the last decade, yet only the record of the one who died most recently (Feb 2016) has been opened. I don’t have the death certs for the other two and have no intention of asking my cousins to go through the hoops to get the records opened. It just does make me wonder how they choose which ones to reveal.

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