Findmypast adds to British Army Records

British Army, Royal Engineers 1900-1949
The first phase of this new release, for surnames from A-H, has over 92,000 tracer cards, mostly from World War 2

FMP states “Tracer cards track a soldier’s movement within and between regiments. The records can reveal names, army numbers, dates of birth, and enlistment, all useful detail for fleshing out your family tree.”

However, FMP also states “Tracer cards can be hugely complex, and the information on them is usually in abbreviated format.”  There is a partial list of abbreviations linked which, although somewhat helpful, still left me scratching my head over undecipherable content.

British Army, Coldstream Guards 1800-1947
Browse page-by-page, through a range of different records to uncover details of those who served in this famous regiment. The collection includes:

Casualties 1939-1947
Courts Martials 1800-1815
Decorations and Rewards 1914-1918 and 1939-1948
Discharges 1884-1947
Enlistments 1884-1947
Missing in Action 1939-1945
Nominal Roll of 1st Battalion men serving in Sudan 1932-1933
Officers’ Record of Services 1861-1915
Shanghai Defence Force 1927-1928
South African Campaign 1899-1902
Succession Book of 2nd Battalion officers 1797-1926
Succession Book of Officers 1826-1936
Record of Campaigns 1854-1895

As well as browsing through the records in this addition, you can also pinpoint military ancestors in the searchable collection.

I’ve not examined this collection.

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