Uncovering Unusual Lives

We all love stories. Toronto Branch of OGS is offering the opportunity to subscribe to “four extraordinary case studies, each with its own intriguing twists and turns. Our speakers will tell us about the roadblocks they faced, and the sources and techniques they used in their quests to separate fact from fiction.” They are:

Wednesday 16 June
Misbegotten, Misled, Mistaken
Lecturer: Paul Jones

Thursday 17 June
The Curious Case of Dr. Henry Head Gray
Lecturer: Jane MacNamara

Wednesday 23 June
FAKE News! Read all about it!
Lecturer: Guylaine Pétrin

Thursday 24 June
The 1815 Murder behind Toronto’s Oldest Ghost Story
Lecturer: Eamonn O’Keeffe

This series, organized by the Toronto Branch Education Committee, with Patricia Blackstock leading this particular initiative, looks like a good bet. I’ve subscribed.  Find out more and register here.

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  1. This is most interesting. I was not born in Toronto, but raised there. There are a couple of really interesting, well written histories about Toronto by Adam Bunch.
    The first is ‘The Toronto Book of the Dead’ and the recent one is ‘The Toronto book of Love’ …. both well researched, fascinating and well written histories.

    I hope other readers will take note.

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