The Dambusters Raid

Just slightly late in covering a recent release byTheGenealogist of fully searchable RAF Operations Record Books (ORBs) on the anniversary of the famous No 617 Squadron Dambusters raid on the Ruhr Valley dams on 16-17 May 1943. 

According to the press release from TheGenealogist,  the latest release of 1,550,018 records brings the total to 6,748,021 of these new diary-like RAF documents,  They are uniquely fully searchable by:-
● Forename and Surname
● Squadron
● Date Range
Using keywords users can also search for Service Number, Rank, and Duty, Aircraft type and location where the fields appear in the record. This makes it possible to easily find Royal Air Force personnel and discover more about their wartime activities on the base and in the air.
giving an insight into their lives

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  1. I remember seeing a movie about those Dambusters a while back. It was quite an operation. These men were very brave. Hope you’re OK. Take good care and Stay Safe !


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