Family Tree Magazine: June 2021

Highlights of the June issue available free online through many Canadian public libraries.
Baby Boomers: now it’s up to us
Keith Gregson issues a rallying cry: it’s time to tell your stories and add to your chapter to the Family History annals

Rationed Fashion
Dress historian Jayne Shrimpton looks at clothes rationing introduced in Britain 80 years ago this June and its impacts. An annual ration of 66 coupons per year, reduced in later years, didn’t go far. See the allocation here

Ships Doctors and Their Patients
From surgery on the high seas, to births and simple old seasickness, Simon Wills looks at maritime maladies and the role of the ship’s doctor, both military and merchant, in treating them. 

Shipwrecked in WW1
5,000 vessels were sunk by U-boats alone. In a two-page article Simon Wills details how to research the ships sunk and, sometimes, the crew.

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  1. The cover and the articles you’ve posted for the May/June 2021 issue are different than what is available online through my library. Perhaps what you’ve posted is a British version?

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