MyHeritage adds Genetic Group Filtering

Now on MyHeritage you can filter DNA Matches to show only those in a certain Genetic Group. Use the new search field under Filter to select any of the 2,114 Genetic Groups your DNA test reveals.

I have 21,156 DNA matches from close to distant at MyHeritage. Filtering by Netherlands, Germany and England I have 6,078; by Netherlands, Germany and England 7,090; by England 4,653 and by Eastern and Central Europe, mostly Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia 9,859; and by Northwest England 1,464. Some of the matches are in more than one group — unsurprising, and there are many more in my one grandparental endogamous line.


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  1. My Heritage is certainly offering great DNA tools. I am in a bit of a quandary when it comes to my Canadian ancestors: I have many overlapping groups covering Maritime and Newfoundland with New England USA and some of which are very confusing. Some people seem to be in every group! However, hard to pinpoint origins solely to a “home country” when once in the new world, origins begin mixing. Needs some refinement I think but still another tool to play with. Ancestry took a long time (and is still working at) refining its groups so am supportive of My Heritage’s move.

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