Baby Names 2020

National Records of Scotland was much delayed in publishing the list of most popular baby names for 2020. Issued in December in previous years I missed the report which appeared in March.

Isla and Jack were the most common names for girls and boys in Scotland in 2020.

Isla moved up 2 places in the overall rankings from last year, and became the most common name for girls for the first time. There were fewer girls named Isla in 2020 than in 2019, but Olivia (previously the most common, now second) and Emily (previously the second most common, now third) fell by greater amounts.

Jack remained the most common boys name for the 13th consecutive year. Noah rose by 6 places to be the second most common name for baby boys, followed by James which remained third.

In Rare names at risk of becoming extinct UK Family Tree Magazine covered research on baby names from name label manufacturer My Nametags. It examines trends, not the most popular names.

For girls, Aria and Harper were the fastest growing in popularity. while Gemma and Tia saw the biggest declines.

Boys names Kieran and Scott had the most notable declines while Albie and Arlo were the big gainers.

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