Thomas MacEntee moves with the times

His recent post on calls it semi-retirement. That’s one way of describing it. Perhaps more like a change in approach, and a welcome one. As Thomas describes it.

Well, the genealogy industry can’t get rid of me yet. I will still be offering reasonably-priced, actionable, genealogy education but in a new format.

I believe that the current 50-minute lecture / 10 minute Q&A period for most webinars is stale and ineffective. I will be developing online courses with the following content:

Short videos
Live group sessions
“Flipped” classes where an assignment is due BEFORE the live group session.

I agree.

Many of us have benefitted from Thomas’s presentations — there’s one tip I picked up from him I use every day.  He’s not afraid to be different, one look shows that, so let’s look forward to his initiatives and more bite-sized approach to genealogy education.


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