MyHeritage releases a new Theory of Family Relativity™ update

Since the last update, countless new DNA kits and family tree profiles have been added to MyHeritage.  That’s according to a news release from the company.

What’s new?

The total number of theories has increased 47.7%, from 39,845,078 to 58,866,331
The number of DNA Matches that include a theory increased 48.7%, from 27,130,989 to 40,335,252
The number of relationship paths increased 46%, from 312,222,662 to 456,091,094 (sometimes theories are found through multiple paths, and these provide additional supporting evidence of a relationship)
The number of MyHeritage users who now have at least one Theory of Family Relativity™ for their DNA Matches has increased by 22.2%,

My Results

I now have 16 Theory of Family Relativity connections identified, five are identified as new. Five are medium confidence, six are low confidence.

My best match is a third cousin once removed. We share 79.2‎ cM in 3 segments, the largest being 43.7‎ cM.

There’s a fourth cousin once removed with whom I share 35.4‎ cM in 3
segments, the largest 22.2‎ cM. The match’s tree includes a victim of Auschwitz.

There’s more for me to explore yet.

If you have not already done so you can upload your DNA data to MyHeritage and receive DNA Matches for FREE. Unlocking additional DNA features (Chromosome Browser, Ethnicity Estimate, Shared ancestral places, and more) costs an extra fee.

3 Replies to “MyHeritage releases a new Theory of Family Relativity™ update”

  1. I went to MyHeritage and found 3 new Theory of Family Relativity matches. Two were correct and one was wrong. I rejected the incorrect theory. I have found this same ratio in all the other Theories assigned to my matches. I don’t understand how MyHeritage can “assign me” to the wrong ancestor when I have the correct ancestor in the family tree I have on My Heritage.

  2. I have five siblings results on My Heritage with a varying number of Theories of Relativity. For one of my siblings there are 21 sets of data with 12 Confirmed and they vary from 14.5 cM shared to 97.6 cM shared. I have rejected six of the sets and they have all copied each other and given my father new parents with his birthplace in the United States (He came to Canada with his parents in 1913 from Hampshire, England.). That leaves me with three interesting ones that all relate to my paternal grandmother’s father and they are matching the likely father’s ancestry so is quite interesting actually. I do not particularly notice an increase in theories but I have not kept track of the number prior to this time. A second sibling has 19 theories with 12 confirmed varying between 14.5 cM and and 77 cM (and not all of these are the same matches as the first sibling mentioned). I have rejected four of them for the same reason as mentioned earlier. That leaves three that are once again interesting because they are looking at my paternal grandmother’s family lines where I have information but not as firm as I would like. A third sibling has 24 matches and I have confirmed 12 of these and they vary from 15.3 cM to 90.4 cM (again some are different from the other two siblings results). I have rejected eight because they are linking to my father and are incorrect. The other four are interesting and for a similar reason to the other two siblings. A fourth sibling has 13 sets of data. I have confirmed 8 and they range from 16.6 cM to 77.0 cM. Again not all of them are the same as the other three siblings. I have rejected three for a similar reason as before. Two of them are interesting for a similar reason to the other siblings. For myself, I have 21 data sets and have confirmed 11 (again not always the same as my four siblings) and they ranged from 14.3 cM to 81.0 cM. I have rejected six for a similar reason to the others. The other three are basically interesting and again for a similar reason to my siblings. I may keep track of this now that I have started. All of the confirmed can be seen in my tree in terms of the most recent common ancestor. Overall I do find My Heritage Theories of Relativity quite interesting. Obviously the rejected individuals are matching somewhere since we share some DNA but I do have collapsing pedigrees in a number of lines at the 3x great grandparent level in several families and one at the 9x great grandparent level and they are likely matching me in the Knight, Butt, or Routledge lines although could be the Blake line which is a long way back though since in all cases the sharing is multiple segments (between two and four lengths) and they are small. It would be interesting to understand the considerations used by My Heritage in their assignment of these theories but this is a trademarked manipulation of data so one just has to go with the information and see if anything new can be gleaned from it.

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