New Year Messages from MyHeritage and Findmypast

Messages from the major commercial genealogy companies, as the old year makes way for the new, are traditional. They review achievements of the past year and hint at what’s to come.


What did the company achieve in 2021? Check out the infographic!

What’s coming in 2022? All they say is “there are plenty of exciting things on the horizon.” Having added animation of ancestor’s photos, perhaps in 2022 they’ll enable the animation speaking a phrase you enter!
The first addition of the year has already arrived, List view for photos on designed for convenient editing and sorting of the details in your family photos.


A message from the CEO provided a summary. For 2022 the big deal is the release of the 1921 census of England and Wales on 6 January. Beyond that there are the weekly releases of records and continuing digitization of newspapers, no details revealed. When I answered a survey question asking to choose between desired additions three-quarters had already answered — additional British and Irish records.

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