Special Interest Groups

If you don’t participate in genealogy special interest groups you’re missing out on a benefit offered by many if not most family history societies.

BIFHSGO has several SIGs, free and open to all. In alphabetical order: British Colonial America, DNA, Irish Research, London, Scottish Genealogy, Writing. Meetings often feature shorter presentations and an opportunity to seek advice on your knotty problems. Find out more at www.bifhsgo.ca/special-interest-groups/.

The Ontario Genealogical Society has various members-only SIGs listed at https://ogs.on.ca/branchessigs/branch-sig-locator/. They require an additional annual fee of $5 – 10. Ottawa Branch of OGS offers a free user group for The Master Genealogist http://ottawa-tmg-ug.ca/.

If the live interaction of a SIG isn’t your thing, BIFHSGO has a Facebook presence. Gail Dever has a comprehensive list of Canadian Facebook Groups, and links to other Facebook lists, at https://genealogyalacarte.ca/?page_id=10169/.

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  1. John, the Irish Research SIG is part of Ottawa branch, not BIFHSGO, but allows members from both organizations.

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