Canada’s Great War Lectures

Six two-hour lectures online by renowned military historian Tim Cook on Canada’s Great War and Its Legacy are being offered by Carleton University in the next Lifelong Learning Program.

Series Description: In this lecture series, renowned Canadian military historian Dr. Tim Cook will share his award-winning research on Canada and the Great War, on the home front and overseas, including hundreds of rare photographs, works of art, and archival material. There will be an emphasis on the soldiers’ experience from 1914 to 1918: how they coped and endured, and how they fought and clawed their way to victory. A new sense of identity was forged through the service and sacrifice of Canadians, even as the country was torn apart along existing and new fault lines. Canada was never the same. Together with Dr. Cook, you will also explore the contested memory of the war, including the impact of Canada’s 66,000 dead, the veterans’ experience, memorial making, and why we are still haunted by the war.

  • Days: ThursdaysMarch 10, 17, 24, 31, April 7, 14
  • Time: 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Location: Zoom (This lecture series is offered via Zoom, which can be used on computers and mobile devices. We recommend you use a computer/laptop with high-speed internet. A camera and microphone will enable you to participate more fully, but they are not required. See our Support page for details.)
  • Fee: $160 (HST included)
  • Lecture Series Outline
  • Registration opens Tuesday, February 15, 10:00 a.m., Eastern Time

2 Replies to “Canada’s Great War Lectures”

  1. Much as I respect Tim Cooke, I will not listen to these lectures.

    For Xmas I was given a copy of his book “The Secret History of Soldiers” about their WWI experiences. I have read many such books. As I usually do, I note down sources of details as I read, deciding whether or not order them cheaply from Abebooks. I ordered a few as I read this book, as almost all the sources wre unpublished or published memoires of Canada’s soldiers.

    By Chapter 3 I had to stop reading. Chapter 2 itself was horrendous about those experiences. I remember mentally congatulating Tim for having written them. It must have cost Tim a lot mentally to write these Chapters.
    So I had to stop for my own mental health. They had been so awful.
    Now one of the books I ordered has arrived and I don’t dare touch it yet. Its title is “The Dead Have Warm Hands.” Cheers, BT

  2. Sorry John. A correction. The book is “Ghosts Have Warm Hands” by Will R. Bird, republished by CEF books, in about 2002 from what I can see.

    Will was haunted by seeing his brother Stephen, who had been killed in September 1915 in Belgium. Sorry, BT

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