BBC History Magazine: March 2022

Here are the feature articles in the new issue available on PressReader.

Witch-hunters Marion Gibson considers whether sadism was the prime motivator behind the terrifying witch-hunts of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Nixon in China Rana Mitter reveals how the US leader’s diplomatic mission 50 years ago augured China’s entrance onto the global stage.

Lodging with Mozart Gillian Williamson chronicles the craze for renting rooms in Georgian London.

Digging for victory John Martin charts Britain’s battle to stave off starvation in the Second World War.

Secrets of Stonehenge Mike Pitts answers the biggest questions on the construction of this astonishing Neolithic monument.
A most interesting article addressing the questions, where on Earth did the stomes come from; how were the stones transported to their current site; how did the sarcens get their distinctive shape; how did Neolithis engineers erect these huge stones; how long did Stonehenge stake to build?

Captivating children In thethird part of ourseries on the BBC’s history, David Hendy recalls how Blue Peter captured children’s hearts in the 1960s and 70s.

A space menagerie Stephen Walker tells the story of the animals sent into space to pave the way for human exploration beyond Earth.

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