Military Monday: 3 videos on WW2 Canadians in Normandy

Juno Beach: D-Day
As a percentage of the landing force, Canadians at  Juno Beach suffered more than any other Allied nation. This episode shows a few of the areas along Juno Beach where men of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division landed on June 6th.

The 12th SS Massacre in Normandy
In the days after D-Day, the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division found themselves up against the German 12th SS Panzer Division and victims of one of the battle’s worst atrocities at a place called Abbey Ardenne.

Retribution at Normandy
The 3rd Infantry Division, Regina Rifles, and the Germans of the 12th SS Panzer Division were locked in a battle at Bretteville-l’Orgueilleuse.

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