DNA and Genealogy – the DNA of Cornwall

Happy St Piran’s Day

A special BIFHSGO event is coming. A virtual presentation on 20 April 2022 at 7pm EDT with Dr. Joe Flood, administrator of the Cornwall DNA Projects. He will share his expertise on the haplogroups and genetic lines of this historic county in South West England.

Cornwall is regarded as one of the Celtic nations, homeland to the Cornish.
Dr Flood’s talk “DNA and Genealogy – The DNA of Cornwall” will cover a quick introduction to the use of DNA in genealogy, with a particular emphasis on Cornwall touching on:
Autosomal DNA and Cornwall – finding cousins, solving brick walls and confirming family trees, % Cornish;
Y DNA and Cornwall – surname reconstruction and project strategy; the Coad project
and book; using Y-DNA to solve brick walls; clusters; and,
Haplogroups and the Y-haplotree; the prehistory of the Cornish people through DNA (Beakers, Germanic, and Danish/Viking).

Dr Joe Flood is a policy analyst, mathematician and author, who lives in Australia. Through researching families in Cornwall, he established and is the administrator of the Cornwall DNA projects on the FamilyTreeDNA website. He is particularly interested in rare Cornish YDNA, and in the prehistory of humanity as revealed in the Y-haplotree. Dr Flood also runs a One Name Study on the Coad and Coode surnames.

Please plan to join us for this BIFHSGO Special Event. Registration is open here.

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