A year ago at RootsTech MyHeritage revealed animation of family photographs. Some thought it creepy, even scary.

This year they upped their game. With LiveStory there’s not only movement of facial features, it speaks synchronized with a text. Initially, it uses information drawn from a family tree you have on MyHeritage. I found that a rather dull recitation of facts, and it sometimes jumped to conclusions, say that the marriage was happy. However, you can edit the text and change the voice. What you can’t change is pronunciation. Ypres was mispronounced, just as did the BEF soldiers. Passchendaele was a particular challenge.

See the MyHeritage demo here.

I’ve been trying it and hope to have my own demo shortly.




3 Replies to “LiveStory”

  1. Ugh! The previous version was bad enough. This is totally over the top. I can’t imagine ever wanting to use it. It is like trying to creat a zombie out of someone you loved. I can’t get on board. I would rather craft a well told story to bring the past to light.

  2. *shudders* I’m one of those that finds the animation horribly creepy and adding the voice makes it worse. But I can see for those who aren’t creeped out like me that it might be a cool feature.

    LoL re the pronunciation of Ypres!!

  3. I’d like to hear you comments once you get your LiveStory finished. My question is, once its complete, will you be able to save it to your computer so you can show people, OR, do you always have to have an internet connection and a paid subscription to MyHeritage?

    If you always have to have a paid subscription, I suspect this is a marketing idea to ensure people always renew their membership if they want to be able to people see their LiveStory again, or show their LiveStory to others. I think this would be the whole reason for creating a LiveStory; so that one can share it with others who are not a member of MyHeritage.
    I think its a great idea only if it can be stored on your own computer, and shared with others. Thank you. Karen Prytula

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