Sir Arthur G. Doughty

Today marks the 162nd anniversary of the birth of Canada’s longest-serving and most distinguished National Archivist. While the Dictionary of Canadian Biography still hasn’t published one there are biographies in The Canadian Encyclopedia and Wikipedia. I’m told a dedicated website is in preparation with some unique content.

The National Archives, and later Library and Archives Canada, has thrived under inspired leadership, survived not-so-inspired leadership, and on more than one occasion had its reputation tarnished by unfortunate and lacklustre appointments to the role.

If you pass by Ottawa’s Notre Dame Cemetery today I hope you’ll find Sir Arthur resting in peace and not hear him turning in his grave. You’re unlikely to find his statue behind 395 Wellington marching to the front in protest as one recent commenter suggested could happen.

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  1. Doughty has had an inimitable influence on understanding the history of Canada, through the immense 2 volume work with Adam Shortt on the Documents relating to the Constitutional History of Canada. Irreplaceable, especially now when so few know it; amuch shorter version – Documents illustrative of the Canadian Constitution was written in 1891 on the 100th anniversary by my great uncle William Houston, Parliamentary Librarian of Ontario

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