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Scottish prison registers

ScotlandsPeople now have admission entries of thousands of prisoners indexed to be searched using the prison registers search page. People from a broad range of backgrounds can be found in the prison registers and there is a wealth of information in these volumes for the genealogist and social historian alike.

The first set of released records concern admissions to Perth Prison between 1867-1879 and 1888-1921 which can be searched for free on ScotlandsPeople and the images viewed and downloaded for a small fee. This equates to over 50,000 indexed entries for Perth Prison over this period and includes details of both male and female prisoners.

Bibliography of Edinburgh History

You know of New Edinburgh, Ottawa. What about Old Edinburgh?

The Old Edinburgh Club is Edinburgh, Scotland’s local history society, concerned with all aspects of the city’s history and development.

They have a free online Bibliography of Edinburgh History to help anyone interested in exploring the city’s rich heritage, culture, economy, politics and society across the city. Inevitably, much of the history of Edinburgh as capital city is that of Scotland itself. The content ranges in time from prehistory to modern times.

Explore the Bibliography 

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