FamilySearch Updates

A quick reminder that records are continually added at FamilySearch. Here are the indexed UK and Ireland collections updated or added in the past week.

Collection Title Records
England, Lancashire Non-Conformist Church Records, 1647-1996 761,170
England, Middlesex Parish Registers, 1539-1988 5,772,942
England, Lincolnshire, Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1574-1885 125,124
England, Northumberland Non-Conformist Church Records, 1613-1920 445,506
Scotland, Lanarkshire Church Records, 1823-1967 17,932
England, Gloucestershire Non-Conformist Church Records, 1642-1996 138,740

Here are collections of unindexed images added this month.

Manchester, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom 1793-1879 Christening Records 23 images
Somerset, England Genealogical Tables 14 images
Scotland 1696 Business Records 23 images
County Down, Ireland 1899 Library Catalogs 68 images
Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom 1853 City Directories 446 images
Heage, Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom 1858-1894 Baptism Records 159 images
Heage, Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom 1819-1858 Baptism Records 158 images
Seacombe, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom 1851-1885 Bishop Transcript Records 268 images
Sandbach Heath, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom 1861-1864 Bishop Transcript Records 9 images
Salterford, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom 1813-1890 Bishop Transcript Records 55 images
Sale, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom 1856-1876 Bishop Transcript Records 52 images
Runcorn, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom 1838-1868 Bishop Transcript Records 111 images
Poynton, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom 1723-1864 Bishop Transcript Records 18 images
Ramsden Bellhouse, Essex, England 1565-1753 Marriage Records 21 images
Spotbrough, Yorkshire, England 1739-1904 Cemetery Records 12 images
Durham, England, United Kingdom 1826-1837 Marriage Records 22 images
Northallerton, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom 1538-1967 Parish Records 4 images
Yorkshire East Riding, England, United Kingdom 1539-1973 List of Parish Registers in the Record Office 6 images
Twinstead, Essex, England 1720-1837 Marriage Records 16 images
Westminster, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom 1841 District Poll Books 75 images
Wakes Colne, Essex, England 1605-1836 Marriage Records 45 images
Ireland 1820-1822 Directories 339 images
Milton, Kent, England 1622-1781 Marriage Records 61 images

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