BIFHSGO Conference 2022 Map

Put your ancestors on the map!

It’s easy and free to place a pin for ancestors on the padlet map BIFHSGO has made available where supporters/friends have ancestors. I just dragged a pin to the place and added a surname. You can add more.

Does the distribution suggest to you areas BIFHSGO wouldn’t want to focus on, or more positively, where they would? There’s precious little in Wales, the eastern half of middle England and even the south coast.

In looking at the map to place a pin you’ll improve your appreciation of the surrounding communities.

While there take a look and be impressed at what’s on offer at the conference.

2 Replies to “BIFHSGO Conference 2022 Map”

  1. My rural internet must be too slow for the Padlet site – I only get bits and pieces of the images. Will try again at work 🙂 Very cool idea!

  2. The concentration of pins in the Devon area reflects the focus of the conference this year. John is right– showing an interest in other areas might make them the focus another year.

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