The London Topographical Society

A publishing Society founded in 1880, the London Topographical Societys purpose is to assist the study and appreciation of London’s history and topography by making available facsimiles of maps, plans and views and by publishing research.

The Society’s journal, the “London Topographical Record,” published since 1898, is available to read in digital format through to Volume 29, published in 2006. More than 300 articles, many with illustrations, cover a broad spectrum of London’s past.

As the Society’s interests are places rather than people, you are unlikely to find a mention of someone in your family tree unless they were a member or author of an article. I’m fortunate that Thomas Fairman Ordish, one of the founders, journal editor and Hon Vice-President, is in mine (perched off on the side.)

You may find this list of 39 websites with a London focus more interesting.

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  1. Lovely John. I was able to look at Fleet Street, London, from a few centuries, where my grandfather’s younger brother ran a pub until he retired. I knew it had been there for hundreds of years, as it had a long history. Cheers, BT

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