Archives of Ontario new online tool

Does this seem familiar?

“Please note that as we implement our new online tool, you may experience some technical challenges. We appreciate your patience.”

The “New Online Tool” is supposed to allow for easier searching of archival, library and art collections using the new Archives and Information Management System (AIMS). Here;s the new search page,

As I don’t use the Archivies of Ontario site much I won’t comment over than to pass along the comment that you can expect to find links broken from those to the previous site.

Please post a comment on your experience, positive or negative, if you’ve tried it.

3 Replies to “Archives of Ontario new online tool”

  1. I will give it a try at some point and see what it’s like…don’t use Ontario archives much for my personal research, but have helped library patrons with theirs.

  2. I will try this at some time. I have rarely used The Ontario Archives before as I found it much too complex. By the time I had identified a microfilm I wanted to view, I was sick of the effort it took and of the whole process and just cancelled the transaction. Cheers anyways, BT

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