Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Are you related to Richard III?

Londoner solves 20,000-year Ice Age drawings mystery

Coventry photographer’s archive saved from a skip catalogued by volunteers

Mary, you will be missed
I’m informed that Mary Munk retired from Library and Archives Canada at the end of 2022. She was a long time employee and genealogy specialist. On visiting pre-pandemic I always hoped it woukd be Mary on duty at the genealogy desk when I needed help. I’m told that in the past couple of years Mary was involved in rewriting material for the new LAC website working remotely. Join me in wishing Mary a long and happy retirement.

German WW2 target maps
Identifier 3371016 is a series held at the US National Archives Cartographic Branch consists of target dossiers of the British Isles. Each dossier consists of a map, overprinted aerial photograph, and a site description. This partially digitized series contains 1,166 items with a total of 4,626 digital objects currently online and ready to view.

The best of CES 2023
The best in eleven categories of electronics according to Engadget. Occasionally things you might want if they ever come to market.

Thanks to this week’s contributors: Alison Hare, Anonymous,  Brenda Turner, Christine Jackson, gail benjafield, Glenn Wright, Patti Mordasewicz, Teresa, Unknown.

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  1. I have stood right where King George stood as he examined the remains of the Coventry Cathedral. I noticed a role of honour to my left on the Cathedral wall memorializing the dead from WWI. I was in tears walking to the Cathedral past labelled homes, and their construction dates, from the 1600 and 1700s which had been flattened by the attack on the Cathedral. Cheers, BT

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