The collection of digitized and full-text searchable English newspapers was augmented in 147 titles in the past month. Most were updates. The new papers are: Medway Standard (1993–1996), Fleet News (1987–1988), Fleet Mail (1987–1988), Farnham Mail (1990), Farnborough Mail (1987–1990), Hinckley Free Press and South-West Leicestershire Gazette (1897–1898), Camberley Mail (1987–1988), Hull Packet (1799–1804), Nottingham Daily Express (1897), Manchester Evening Chronicle (1897 – 1908), Grimsby Target (1986 – 1999), Reporter for the County Borough of Salford (1897), Payne’s Leicester and Midland Counties Advertiser, and Commercial Agricultural Report (1850), Cheshire Observer and General Advertiser for Cheshire and North Wales (1854 – 1863).

Also updated were 16 newspaper in Wales and 14 in Scotland. There were no additions in Ireland or Northern Ireland.

For Canada, with 376 papers in the collection, seven from the Publishers Extra collection have been updated in the past month with content from 2023. They are: The Province (Vancouver), Calgary Herald, Leader-Post (Regina), Edmonton Journal, Windsor Star, National Pest, Gazette (Montreal).

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  1. Thanks for reminding me of this resource. Found some articles on a gentleman that was responsible for inventing components of printing machines in Britain in the 1940s. There were photos of him showing people around his printing machines in the 1950s. Priceless.

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